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Teachers day is the finest memory of our school life at all time. This day is also so much valuable for all students and also for teachers as well. I think everyone agrees on that. If you are a student and now you finding the best speech for teachers day in English then you are at right place. Here you find all your teachers day speech related to all stages of your life.if you are a teacher or student or principle this speech might be helpful for you.

Teachers day speech by students in English:-

Good morning to all respected teachers and all my friends. Today we all gather on this special occasion that we all know. This day 5 September is so valuable in our life that we already know. but you might have to know about more on this special occasion. Today on this day I like to inform more about the importance of teachers day.

5 September is celebrated as teachers day on every year as usual. But first, do you know why this teachers day celebrated? This teachers day is celebrated because this day is an anniversary of Dr. Sharvapali  Radhakrishna. This day we celebrated to remember Dr. Shrinivashan Radhakrishnan who is the great teacher in his past life. All students across this school have to respect their teachers. You don’t realize the value of teachers now but I know after school days you remember this day and get respect for your teachers. Teachers are like the backbone in a students life. Without this bone can’t able to stay straight on positions. You can’t feel their efforts toward you but they do a major role to shape your life in the right direction. Teachers know everything about their student’s how to teach and how to shape students in their life to make a bright future in their carrier. teachers teach carefully to all students like their own students. these teachers are given a motivation to the student by giving personality examples. All my dear friends we must obey our teacher’s orders because teachers don’t want to hurt you in some way but they want to make you more perfect on your subject. so come on my dear friends let we respect our teachers and thank to all teachers.

Thank all teachers for shaping my life this much as you can. And thanks to everyone for listening to me sincerely.

Thank you.

Welcome speech for teachers day by students in English:-

Good morning to all my dear friends or respected teachers. Here we gather on this special day which called teachers day. A day with excitement, joy, and happiness .this day we celebrate on the 5 September. But you know why 5 September we choose to celebrate as teachers day? 5 September is marked as an anniversary of sarvapali Radhakrishnan who is great schooler and an excellent teacher. this day we celebrate to respect the teachers and thank them. teachers help to grow students life in right direction some time teacher became rude but the reason behind that rudeness is to benefit students future. So let say together

Dear teachers, we want to tell you today

You, teachers are so kind and so precious

You, teachers are our inspiration

And you teachers build our future bright

So on this day we only want to thank you.

Speech on the importance of teachers :

Teachers are more important in our recent life just like our parents or relatives. They teach us the wisdom in everything. They give us a moral support and encourages us to live equally in this society and treat everyone equally. They teach us the importance of life and puts in the right track to ensure that we are capable enough to survive in this society. They make a beautiful statue from an unshaped stone. They make us more knowledgeable and enable a proper flow of knowledge from one generation to another. Without teachers, all would be barbarians. Respect them.

Good teachers able to change students life: good teachers make easy for you and guide on right direction to students future.not they give book education but also help to grow on other things for their students.

hope you like this teacher speech to students, teachers day speech by students and speech on teacher day.if you want more than comment about your demand we will be soon with you.


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