Who is Kamlesh in Sanju movie, sanju book [ Real Kamlesh Sanju’s friend ]


Who is Kamlesh in Sanju movie [ Real Kamlesh Sanju’s friend ] :

kamlesh sanju friend

Now Sanju film release in all theatres. Sanju getting a positive review from all over the audience. recently I watched the movie and I found an amazing character Kamlesh in Sanju movie who is Sanjay’s friend. In Sanju movie, Ranbeer Kapoor played as Sanjay Dutt’s role.paresh Raval and Viki Kaushal played an emotional and brilliant role in Sanju movie. Paresh Raval played as Sanjay Dutt’s father role.

Viki Kaushal played as a Sanjay Dutt’s friend role. vicky Kaushal Akka Kamlesh Patel is an honest friend of Sanjay Dutt which shows in Sanju movie. Vicky Kaushal gets a positive review from all over the critics’ review. He played a so much intensive heart touching role as a Sanju’s friend. Vicky Kaushal is an emerging actor has a so much talent that he got a tweet from all well-known directors like Karan Johar, well-known actors like amir khan.

Other movies of Vicky kaushal (reel Kamlesh Sanju friend) –

Raman Raghav 2.0, raazi , massan, zubaan and other. Vicky kaushal played in other popular films before Sanju movie.Vicky Kaushal recently working on other 2 movies which will be released soon.

tweet from Karan Johar:-

You can see here Karan Johar recently posted on twitter timeline and said, “VICKY KAUSHAL is emerging to be such a bonafide movie star!!! There is nothing this talented actor can’t do!!! He plays the sympathetic friend with such emotional depth!! He made me cry with him….superb!!!! @vickykaushal09 and what a year he is having!!!!! #sanju

tweet from karan sanju


tweet from amir khan:-

After watching Sanju amir khan recently posted on a Twitter timeline, “Loved Sanju! A very moving story of a father and son, and of two friends. Ranbir is outstanding and Vicky Kaushal blew my mind! Thank you, Raju, for yet another film which entertains and enriches. Love.”

aamir khan tweet sanju

You can check Vicky Kaushal Akka (Kamlesh Sanju’s friend) twitter profile – https://twitter.com/vickykaushal09

Real Kamlesh Sanju friend:-

Real Kamlesh in Sanjay Dutt’s life is Paresh galani. Paresh galani is the real friend of Sanjay Dutt which role played in the movie by Vicky Kaushal.

Kamlesh in real life Paresh galani pics below:-

sanjay real friend paresh

kamlesh in real life

Kuch to log kahenge Sanju book:-

Kuch to log kahenge Sanju book is not real, this name book is not available. This is only an illusion created by Rajkumar Hirani for better serving the film.many people look for Sanjay Dutt’s biography book so I think you should know this.

You can buy Sanjay Dutt biography book from Amazon :-

  sanjay dutt biography book buy

Hope you find all your answer related to Sanju friend in real life. now there are no available details about Sanjay Dutt’s real friend Kamlesh Patel profile. As soon as we get a profile of Kamlesh Patel we added in this article. thank you so much for giving us time to read. thank you!!!


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