What does HMU mean on Instagram text?

hmu meaning in instagram text


On Instagram or Twitter or another social platform, you read HMU in text and you getting confused what does HMU mean on Instagram. In the Instagram text, many people use a short form which confused you. Many people don’t know HMU meaning.

Hmu is standing for HIT ME UP.

HMU is used in many social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and may other.many people comment on the Facebook post or Instagram post “HMU”.this word confused you. This word people used when they want to hit up their device or phone when they are free.

Where HMU used?

In this 20th century everyone using a social platform to connect with each other for transfer information or time pass. Some of the people wasted their all time on the social platform. Many people write some short form of hmu for massage to someone to reduce time on the social platform. you might get some Short form of the word on a social platform. which short form confused you in past? let me know in a comment. many people often comment or post on Instagram “HMU”, which confuse you about meaning.

Hmu or Hitting somebody up is AN open invite, however, it’s usually terribly casual. If you finish up not contacting somebody or following up with them, that’s expected.

Make sure that you just perceive the context of the invite as a result of some folks can tell you to hit them up while not very that means it. If you contact these folks, you doubtless won’t receive a response.

Examples Related to HMU or HMU uses:-

example of hmu uses

Here above picture, you can see that one girl posted on the Instagram with #hmuboys and one boy posted with #hmugirl.

here the purpose of both girl and boy is to excite someone to him or her. What does HMU mean on Instagram text?HMU meaning so hope you guys know to the purpose of #hmu uses.hope you enjoy reading this article if you have any doubt related to the article you can comment below.


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