what does BOO mean? | meaning of boo!!!!


What does mean boo? Boo meaning

boo meaning

Are you looking for the meaning of boo in text than you are at the right place? Many people don’t know the meaning and use of boo in their social life. people post on the social platform like my boo!!! And confused you. Many people show this word on in any social media or other document and feel confused about what’s the meaning of boo? Word boo has much meaning according to their uses. let understand mean by their use,

Where boo used ??

Uses of boo: –

Now a social media trend going to up day by day. People share lot’s of stuff about their personal life. people share million’s post on social media with different hashtag Now some people confused when they see #boo in Instagram or Facebook or Snapchat or any other social platform. That’s boo is used for express their love to their boyfriend or girlfriend.so that’s boo mean Girlfriend/boyfriend. here,

 boo means boyfriend/girllfriend


meaning of boo

here you can see 2 pictures of social media where people update their post with #boo.  so you can easily understand where boo is used nowadays. there are other meanings of boo which is used in a special situation .let see that,

Other Uses of boo:-

Boo said when people surprise another person who doesn’t know their presence. As an example –

“boo!! He shocked, started a fight to her”

Boo is also used to show disapproval or contempt. As an example –

“I have only one bar, Boo!!!”

Hope you understand the meaning of boo and where boo used in a text.if you feel any doubt related to this article you can ask me in the comment section and let me suggest your thought about this article.thank you!

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