What exactly ttyl means in WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter or in chat


What exactly ttyl means in WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter or in chat [ttyl meaning]

ttyl means in whatsapp, facebook, instagram

Are you looking for the meaning of ttyl? then you are in the right place. Many people don’t know the meaning and use of ttyl in their social life. people post or in message text like ttyl And confused you. Many people show this word on in any social media or other document and feel confused about what’s the meaning of ttyl? Word ttyl has much meaning according to their uses. let understand mean by their use.

So you know ttyl means “Talk to you later”

Where ttyl used ??

Uses of ttyl: – Now a social media trend going to up day by day. People share lot’s of stuff about their personal life. Now some people confused when they see “ttyl” in Instagram or Facebook or Snapchat or WhatsApp or any other social platform. That’s ttyl is used for saving the time for writing full sentences. they use the short word for describing their opinion. ttyl full form talks to you later.


Jason wants to talk with Sheri. Jason said, ” Hey, Sheri can we go to park tomorrow ”

Sheri is busy with their stuff and she said, ” ttyl soon “.

Hope you understand the meaning of ttyl and where ttyl used in a text.if you feel any doubt related to this article you can ask me in the comment section and let me suggest your thought about this article.thank you!!!!!

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