What does TCTYL mean, Definition and full form [ read here ]


What does TCTYL mean:-


TCTYL is a word which uses in the social network platform. you don’t know the answer, what does that mean on Snapchat or Instagram or in a text? TCTYL mean on snapchat or Instagram is “town and country trust”.LMR is used on Instagram, facebook, or twitter post. people post in text like tctyl.after reading this word you getting confused what is the meaning of this word.tctyl is generally internet slang which uses in social media.

TCTYL definition:-

Now a day millions of people use social media. People use some internet slang in their post or comment on social media like facebook, Instagram etc.people use #TCTYL or TCTYL in their comment.

So as you know TCTYL full form – “town and country trust”

Many people update their post on social media like “ #TCTYL ”.TCTYL is an internet slang which uses in viral social media platform. Hope you enjoy our article if you want to know more than keep in touch with our site.

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