Importance of National Anthem Jana Gana mana India essay, speech


The national anthem song was written by the RABINDRANATH TAGORE. It was written in the highly Sanskritized language (mens Tatsama) Bengali. The national anthem of india starts from ‘Jana gana mana’ and ends at ‘jaya he,jaya he,jaya he,jaya jaya jaya jaya he..’ !! The song was then translated into the Hindi and Urdu by the Abid Ali. The conversion of original song into the Hindi version by the Ali was little different. The full version of the song takes 52 seconds to complete and honor the Nation of India.

Importance of National Anthem Of India Jana Gana Mana essay, speech:


Every Country has it’s own National Anthem and for India, “Jana Gana Mana” speaks the true essence and freedom struggle in India and it’s importance over the years. Jana Gana Mana declares India as the richest cultural country in the world and how the Freedom fighters fought for the future generations. The mention of different Geographical things in India like the Himalayas, Ganga and Yamuna rivers shows the greatness of aptness of the Song and this is why Jana Gana Mana is still up to date declared as the National Anthem of India and will ever be the same.


Jana Gana Mana also tells us the important message of ‘Unity in Diversity’ and all the religions must be together sharing an equal bond of love and friendship. This comes with a respect for all the religions and people residing in India and overcomes the cultural differences one must avoid.
Some States like Punjab, Sindh, Gujarat and Maharashtra are also mentioned denoting the Importance of the Cultural states in Northern India and also Southern India. Jana Gana Mana is in a way, a song of the farmers as the harvesting in India is seen as a cultural celebrated phenomenon that respects both cattle, animals and plants equally.
We often witness citizens of India standing up in respect for the National Anthem irrespective of the place, mood and surroundings. Some movie theaters also play Jana Gana Mana before the movie starts and such is the Importance given to the National Anthem of India all over the country and Worldwide too.


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