Importance of Freedom Fighters : August 15th Essay, Speech


Independence Day 2018 Speech, Essay on Importance of Freedom fighters: August 15th, 2016 is the Independence Day in India. In India, August 15th is declared as a national holiday in India. This is the 70th Independence Day celebrated in India since 1947. In many places like government offices and private offices, they host the Indian Flag in their offices. Many freedom fighters had fought for the Independence from the British Government. In India every Politician host the Indian Flag. They go to many different places like Schools, Government Offices, and Colonies.

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Importance of freedom fighter for india Speech, Essay:

All the people know how the Independence Day has come to India. And all the many people of all different ages from child to old all of them all the freedom fighters who had fought against the British Government to bring us Freedom.
importance of freedom fighter for india
British Government had ruled our India For  more than 200 years. Many of them Do not know that we had lost a chance to defeat British Government under the kingdom of Tippu Sulthan. Tippu Sulthan had a very large and biggest army at that time. Tippu’s army is on eof the biggest army in the world at that time. In 50th year of British Government Tippu Sulthan had declared a war to defeat and to send English people to their homes. But their is a man named Mohamad Jain Pash the army minister of Tippu Sulthan had played a game with Tippu Sulthan. Britishers gave money to Mohamad Jain Pash and then he started playing double games and Tippu Sulthan had lost the war. If Tippu Sultan had won the war we can get freedom 150 years back. This is the real story many of them do not know.

freedom fighter independence day essay

Importance of freedom fighter in bringing India Independence :

This day is most Valuable Day in all Indian People. We Indians feel proud while seeing our flag. Because many freedom fighters had sacrificed their life to get freedom from British Government. British Government had ruled India for more than 200 years at last from the Great leader Mahatma Gandhi we had got the Freedom from British.


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