DISO – what does DISO mean? [ FULL GUIDE ]



Many people don’t know the meaning of diso.if you are finding the meaning of that then you are at right place. here you can get complete guide and meaning of diso. It is used in many places.you might see “DISO” word in documents or other social media platform. you must have to know the meaning of this word.


DISO have a different meaning according to their use.  DISO IS an also short form of some agency. we know that later. first let talk that mean on social media platform like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and other. This word is an acronym, abbreviation, or slang word.

DISO means on social media:-

Now a day millions of people use social media. People use some internet slang in their post or comment on social media like facebook, Instagram etc.people use #diso or diso in their comment which meaning in the text.diso has the meaning according to their uses platform. In social media DISO mean “desperately in search of”.

So now you know diso mean “desperately in search of

Other means of DISO:-

This word has a pretty different mean according to their uses like this word is also a short form of some agency. other meanings are as follow:-

DISO – Departmental Individual Standing Offer ( Public Works and Government Services Canada)

DISO – Defence Information Services Organization (agency)

DISO – defense intelligence support office (US agency)

DISO – Dual-Input/Single-Output (this used in mechanical engineering)

DISO -Desperately in Search Of (game trading forums)

DISO -Division Information Security Officer (other companies short form)

DISO- District Information Systems Office (Florida)

Hope you find all your meaning of the word. Hope this article is helpful for you. if you like this article share with your friends and being helpful to other. Don’t thank us keep reading and enjoy.

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